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The differences were small about 11 percent of patients treated mostly by women died within 30 days of entering the hospital, versus 11.5 percent of those treated by men. But the all-male research team estimated that there would be about 32,000 fewer deaths each year in the U.S. if male physicians performed at the same level as their female peers. The study didnt probe why there might be these differences in survival. And Dr. Ashish Jha, the lead author, said the study doesnt mean patients should avoid him and all other male physicians. But he said male doctors could take a cue from female doctors tendencies that might contribute to better care. According to other research, female doctors are more likely than men to follow treatment guidelines, provide preventive care more often and communicate more with patients. Jha said it was important to better understand the reasons behind the differences, and to share that information with all physicians to improve care. Jha, an internist and Harvard Medical School professor, said he has not spoken to his own patients about the study yet. As a male physician, I have a stake in this, Jha said.

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