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Here are the responses, edited for content and length: Raul Fernandez, private investor and vice chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment: Mars colonization or a similar moonshot will emerge as a big regional industry. good interview skills videoThe scale of the war in cybersecurity will begin to approach the size of the war on terror. The U.S. government will undergo rapid change not seen since the Manhattan Project and the space race, spurring private-sector growth. Shame, blame and the Twitter pulpit are new catalysts for change, replacing traditional rules of engagement. New local technology and cyber rock stars will be created by a federal government embracing lightning-fast decision-making similar to that of the private sector. Former president Barack Obama will become a vocal cheerleader for entrepreneurship, something all lifelong public servants will discover. And by 2021, the Capitals and Wizards will host championship games at Verizon Center. April Young, managing director at Hercules Capital, a publicly traded venture debt firm with offices in Georgetown: Cybersecurity and protection of data and trade secrets will continue to be huge in the Washington region. It will shift from its primary focus on financial vulnerability to political and policy. visitThere will be big opportunities around who goes and who stays this year among lobbyists, think-tank leadership and association executives based on perceived areas of risk and influence.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/dc-areas-2017-predictions-center-on-tech-traffic-taxes–and-of-course-trump/2017/01/01/3f1a01d8-cea2-11e6-b8a2-8c2a61b0436f_story.html

course for curriculum vitae

course for curriculum vitae

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