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interview questions

Instead, Brown’s spokesman Chris Pair wrote in an email that the office is merely discussing “whether someone whose mission Governor Brown considers a priority, and wants to hold accountable, should report to another elected official.” Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, said Brown’s desire to oversee the public records advocate appears to be politically motivated, arguing the secretary of state already has the power under state law to create such a position without new legislation. wikipedia reference“This is clearly a political move,” said Parrish, who has previously proposed legislation to reform Oregon’s public records law and plans to introduce another bill in 2017. Parrish also worked as a communications strategist on Richardson’s campaign. Blackmer, who also served as Portland’s top auditor, called public records “a critical element of accountability, since they contain information about decisions affecting the public.” It makes sense to “manage and protect them in the City Auditor’s office, and in the Secretary of State’s Office,” he wrote in an email to The Oregonian/OregonLive. “Most requests don’t involve those two offices in my experience, and they more readily disclose their records because of their mission and values,” Blackmer wrote. “People will always doubt the basis of a decision about access if the ‘decider’ is perceived to be beholden to an agency or person involved in the dispute.” Atkins also raised concerns, specifically that Brown’s proposal might duplicate some of her office’s duties in managing and storing public records. At a June meeting of the public records task force, Herkert said records advocates in other states told her they could be effective only if they were independent. Herkert said in an interview Thursday that an Oregon public records ombudsman would ideally operate as its own entity. “If you truly are going to create an ombudsperson or an advocate,” Herkert said, “it needs to be an independent position and not reporting to any agency.” The Kitzhaber administration’s handling of public records highlighted what can happen without some way to appeal when a governor ignores, delays or denies a request. who requested records related to then-first lady Cylvia Hayes’ contracts with groups seeking to influence state economic and environmental policy waited months, in some cases, for a response.

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interview questions

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