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Critics say the centralized process gave too much power to the mayor to select employees from the top official down to the worker who cuts the grass. Kim said he doesnt want to pick employees, but he wants the department heads to be able to hire without so much oversight from the HR Department and the mayor. He said HRs role is to vet candidates and forward the ones who qualify to the department head, who picks the top candidate. Human Resources is supposed to tell you who qualifies the hiring agency conducts the screening and review process, Kim said. kings medical interview questionsThat was taken away. The mayors office was in the interview, and why should it be? Sharon Toriano, who was named HR director by the county Merit Appeals Board in late 2013, said the system was meant to complement agencys hiring practices, not to replace them. The HR director is not a mayoral appointee, but is hired by the Merit Appeals Board. We were available to help conduct the interviews if asked, Toriano said Thursday. But it was up to the individual department to ask. Still, the newspaper regularly fields complaints from members of the public who believe the process isnt fair and they were given short shrift in the hiring process. Last year, West Hawaii Today broke stories about former Mayor Billy Kenois campaign manager netting a county management position, and the growing practice of the county to use successive 90-day contract hires rather than going through the civil service merit procedure to hire and promote employees. http://www.pfcdavidlawrence.org/trueisaacgarcia/2016/12/09/professional-tips-on-tactics-in-interview-for-gastroenterologyOne of the most important things is to be fair, Managing Director Wil Okabe told the County Council during his confirmation Wednesday.

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selection interview

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