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selection interview

selection interview

The office has seven full-time employees and a budget approaching $1 million after more than $100,000 was brought in from the citys independent authorities to support the office. While running the Independent Police Review Authority, Ando had more than 100 employees and a budget of almost $8.3 million. thisThat organization investigated all officer-involved shootings and alleged misconduct investigations. company websiteWhen he started, there were roughly 6,000 complaints a year, 1,500 of which were kept in-house and divvied up among investigators, he told the committee. The average caseload was about 35 per person, which he called absolutely unmanageable. Ando was at the authority from October 2011 to December 2015, leading the organization starting in January 2013. He told the committee he was able to improve morale and drastically cut the backload of cases to seven to eight cases per investigator. Additionally, cases werent backed up three or four years. When he left, it was just under 18 months. Andos departure from the office wasnt exactly traditional. He resigned in December shortly after the U.S. Department of Justice announced an investigation into practices of the Chicago Police Department.

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